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My daughter loves the rolls! Wow did not know CR got so many flavors. She finished the box on her own haha. Thanks. 


Thank you sooo much for the rolls. very nice!


very nice (Rum & Raisin!)


I loved the rolls texture. I was picking up the bread that was tucked at the inside of the box, you know! I'll be craving for

more rolls.  

Bryan & Jean

Thank you for the early birthday treat! I love the rum & raisin!

Dr. Eileen

Saw your gorgeous rolls!!!! Thank u so so so much!!!!


Thank you for the cinnamon rolls!! Really hard to find such a pastry that's being made by a specialized shop and they were very nice!!


Just wanted to let you know that the smoothies were fantastic! And the CR that you gave me. Thank you!


The cinnamon rolls are the bombs though. DAMN GOOD. I almost finish it already.


Gained 1/2 Kilo this morning from eating 4 CInnamon Rolls, the balance my daughter and son cleaned up (Discovering lovely people are God Send)


Everyone love the cinnamon rolls, finished within the same day. No need to keep in freezer. Everyone said thank you.

Mrs Lew

The cinnamon rolls are very tasty! Not too sweet.


Well received, thank you, my boyfriend really loves it HAHAHA he told me he ate 3 at one go.


Smells so good!!! The rolls are so good! But we can't finish it in 1 sitting! How? Thank you!!!!


Anna's cinnamon rolls is really one of the best I've eaten. The cinnamon is not over powering and just the right consistency! Highly recommended!


The cinnamon buns were really very good... soft n fluffy..


Was craving for cinnamon rolls, and this is really damn delicious! Their rolls are soft ad just the right sweetness, texture is soft, overall super tasty. Worth to try especially if you love cinnamon rolls! P.S, their other rolls like nutella, speculoos are damn good too. 

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